Questions to Ask Before Buying a Farm or Ranch

Decades ago, the majority of rural properties were developed and built by full-time farm and ranch families, who had extensive agricultural experience and lived on the land they worked. Today, the typical buyer may have little to no farming or
questions you should ask your farm and ranch realtor

5 Tips For Selling Your Farm or Ranch

Whether your farm has been in the family for generations, or you’re a first-generation farm owner looking to scale up your investment, selling an agricultural property can be a complicated and stressful process. Here are a few tips for getting

4 Ways to Finance Your Farm Purchase

Whether you’re looking to retire in the countryside, start a community supported agriculture (CSA) business, or open your own winery, a farm is a significant purchase that shouldn’t be pursued lightly. Unless you’re independently wealthy, chances are you’ll need financial

3 Reasons to Work with a Rural Real Estate Agent

If you’re looking to purchase or lease an agricultural property, you may be thinking that only the seller needs the services of an agent or broker. But buying a farm or ranch can be an extremely complicated process, and buyers
why should you work with a rural real estate agent